Monday, July 5, 2010

Knitted heaven!

At the Devonport market there were plenty of things that caught my eye. But something I haven't stopped thinking about was Kute Kiwi's knitted chain necklaces. When I went to check her blog today I saw she's giving some away - or a bow necklace. Check it out here. I'm in love with the grey one...

I've decided knitting is my new interest. I tried when I was young to learn from my Nana, but I kept dropping stitches, and she said it 'was because I was left handed and doing it cack-handed'. Isn't it funny how the older generation say that. Do you think it's true that it's harder for lefties? Wonder if Kute Kiwi is?

Anyway, thought I'd teach myself when I can soon. My friend Amanda told me about - check it out for funky, free patterns.

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