Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh was for her glory box

This morning I am so annoyed at myself. I have lost my sling. I clicked on the way to kindy this morning that last night I left it on the roof of the car when I got Lori out...then later last night drove off to bookclub without checking in the dark. I'm devastated, to be fair. Lori LOVES her sling and together we've been everywhere together with her on my hip...kindy drop offs for her sister, playdates at the park, quick trips to the post office and the mall. It's actually an item of sentimental value too - when she was born eight months ago it was first creation (after many years of learning to sew as I go) that got people telling me to start my own label. People always admire it and how smiley and happy she is in it. Luckily for me, I've now got a whole stock of beautiful fabrics to make another, now that I've started lily pad designs. But there will never be another one that was destined for her glory box...

PS - I don't make slings to sell at markets/retail...I believe they should be made to measure for safety reasons...but contact me if you're interested in a tailor-made one :)

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  1. Ok now I am proud of myself! Threw my kids in the car and off we went this afternoon retracing our steps....FOUND IT! My sling was lying the road about 4 streets away..a bit smelly from the rain and being run over...but safe. Nothing a bit of warm water and ecostore powder won't fix. So pleased!!!!


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