Monday, July 12, 2010

NZ's Most Popular Baby Names - Help please!

Have you ever seen the lists of New Zealand's most popular baby names and been surprised?

When I make sample alphabet shirts I always think of babies I know to choose which letter to use. Not only does it mean I have a gift ready for a friend's baby, but it also helps me choose fabrics, thinking about what that baby's parents would like.

Working on shirts for the Art and Craft Fair, I am wondering if I should take a more scientific approach, increasing my chances of someone wanting a particular letter on the day. So I have been looking at the most popular baby names in New Zealand, which the Department of Internal Affairs have helpfully compiled here.

Looking at the Top 10 name lists for 2009, there are three 'J' boy names (#1 Jack, #3 James, #4 Joshua) and three 'E' girl names (#5 Ella, #6 Emily, #9 Emma). I knew Oliver was popular for boys (#2 last year) but had forgotten about Olivia (#3 for girls). Sophie is a favourite name of mine and a clear #1 for girls, but I was surprised Ruby (#2), Isabella (#4) and Lily (#8) are so high up the list.

Do you know any babies with names starting with 'Q', 'U', 'V', 'W' or 'Y'?

I love 'Z' names and am lucky enough to know a Zavier and a Zoe   :)


  1. I know a Zara and a Zac! Funnily enough, and a Lily :)

  2. Lily was always on my list of girls names. Botanical and flower names were considered old fashioned for a while, but maybe they are coming back. I love them; Poppy, Lilly, Ivy, Rosemary, Rose, Daisy. So many gorgeous ones.
    We have just had a Lily born into the family, a new niece with a beautiful name.


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