Friday, July 9, 2010

Topography new product - Bag Tags

I love making little things and have a new product even smaller than baby t-shirts - luggage tags!

In the spirit of the shirts, they are personalised with a letter and can be custom made with any fabric or design (I think the next batch will have kiwis for little travellers...).

The reverse side has a plastic pocket so you can keep contact details handy, or even a photo if you are using the tag for decoration. An easy way to label schoolbags, luggage, sportsbags or nappy bags. I am using bright and busy patterns so you can see your bag on the carousel... or pick out your child's bag from all the rest! My mum is a kindy teacher and she thinks they are great because the teachers like the child's name to be on the outside of the bag.

They can also hang from a door handle and I think they would make an extra-special gift tag as part of a present. And of course they are not just for little people - I'm still deciding which of my favourite fabrics to do mine in...

Three designs are available now with free shipping on my website, or contact me for a custom order in other fabrics.

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