Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You won't catch my baby Mr Flu Bug!

Yesterday my lily pad really proved its weight in gold. After seeing on the TV news in the weekend that the hospitals are overflowing with flu patients, I got nervous looking at the shopping trolleys at the supermarket. I am not one for worrying too much about this normally (my children seem to always have food on their faces, especially in photo situations!) But suddenly the trolleys all seemed like creepy crawly germ homes - not helped by the fact that the first four trolleys I pulled out each had a used tissue left inside them. I mean seriously, who does that? From one mum to another - please don't, it's gross!

So anyway I whiped out my trusty lily pad to line the seat with, and relaxed. All I had to do once I got to the car was use my pocket hand steriliser and I could assume my nine month old was in the clear from this rampant bug on the North Shore. I hope! Plus it was lovely to get so many nice comments from people going around the supermarket...I hadn't intentionally colour matched her top to the lily pad but it looked like it! I had to take a picture on my phone to show her Daddy..what a big girl she looks sitting up. Check out how much she has grown since my last 'shopping' photo when she was still in the plastic baby seat - I think she's around 6 months in this one.

PS: in the weekend I finally put my lily products on Felt - now you can buy from me direct, as well as from my retailers :)

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