Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For the love of: Amy Butler

No.1: This is the start of a little series explaining the stories behind our OTLP fabric choices, starting with who we consider the Queen of the US textile market - Amy Butler.

(Actually this should officially be the No. 2 in the series - I started this series with my post on Studio E's new modern damask fabric in black in white here).

I shouldn't really admit this - but Greta and I can both spend HOURS if left unchecked trawling international textile websites looking at the latest colours, directions and collection release dates of our favourite designers. There's a massive 'movement' of design-led crafters and sewers in the US and Europe. Australians have also recently caught the wave and you will see many Australian crafters now using the latest designer fabrics mixed in with their special vintage favourites. Here in New Zealand I've noticed if you search trademe for 'Amy Butler', a whole range of items pop up. Two years ago and this wouldn't have been the case.

As a designer, Amy Butler sets trends and is known for contemporary design with a vintage 'twang'. Her 'Lotus' and 'Mid Western' ranges for Westminster and Rowan Fabrics have been some of the most successful ranges internationally with the craft community, and have been reprinted and restocked over and over.

This month she was featured in Elle UK magazine and Living Etc UK for her new wallpaper range (yes that's right, she now designs wallpapers, stationary, etc too). She was also profiled in depth in Where Woman Create USA magazine, with gorgeous shots of her home studio - check out the Living Etc and Where Woman Create pictures below and download the PDF article here. Bold and beautiful throw cushions are scattered all over retro couches, simple vases and collectables line bookshelves and functional office tools organise her work spaces (I'm so jealous of this work space!!!)

Amy's studio is, among other things, a homage to her current range entitled 'Love' - lots of turquoise, blues, purples and botantical prints. As well as botantics, 'Love' also includes a touch of Indian and eastern influences, such as the 'Bali Gate' fabrics that I use in lily pad designs' range (see bottom picture of my blue lily pad). She's talked in several articles about these two themes running not only through her current work, but also her new upcoming collection, 'Soul Blossoms'. Here's a preview:

'Soul Blossoms' won't be available until December/January, and according to TrueUp, a US fabric blog, it "takes it up a notch" and has several Indian-inspired colourways including 'Sari Blooms' and 'Temple Doors'. The three ranges within the collection again focus on blues and turquoises, alongside a cerise and orange-based line and a fern-green based line. No doubt these will be the three colourways many quilting, home decor and crafting lines focus on this summer in New Zealand!!!

Here at OTLP we [heart] Amy Butler so much her fabrics feature in several of our products, as it does in our close friends at Holly Chic Baby's bassinet and cot bedding and Estella Rose's shoulder bags. For products made using her 'Love', 'Lotus' and 'MidWestern' fabrics, check out our products below, all of which you can buy online through our websites Lily Pad Designs (and retailers); Topography; Holly Chic; and Estella Rose.

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  1. Well Amy Butler, sure is a clever designer of colors,it is not always easy to get colors right. Loving those cushions in the first pic. cheers Marie

  2. I have recently discovered Amy Butler fabrics too - so rich and gorgeous!


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