Monday, August 9, 2010

lily pad liners - new black pattern launch!

Today we're launching our new season black and white lily pad pram liner! Made from "Fans in White" fabric by US-based Studio E Design, the new fabric is a modern take on a traditional damask shape, moving it forward into a stylised, funky all over pattern. It's a fresh take on a timeless, vintage classic shape and this trend is very 'in' for the coming seasons - see my Karen Walker post below!!!

The fabric comes from a hugely successful 'black and white essentials' range from Studio E, for which they release new patterns every year and are up to Series IV. The theme is 'more than basics' and hip design blogs in the US such as Fabric Flair create home furnishings and furniture as well as clothing from them.

In my excitement of finding this fabric I also bought a small quantity of a complementary design from the same essentials collection - "Baroque Scroll in White". Seen here made into one of my lily pinboards for a friend, I think it's a sophisticated, vintage pattern for a pinboard to be used in an 'adult' space. In my friend's house it adorns her living room and computer area. (More of these can be made to order).

So: the flipside to introducing this new season pattern in the lily pads is that it means I have nearly sold out of all the previous pattern called "Daring Damask". If you loved this pattern, but were holding off buying - you'd better hurry! I have one left on my Felt Store and Daisy Baby, Holly Chic and Bay Bee Cino each have 1 or 2 left.

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  1. What gorgeous fabic - a visual treat and I just want to touch it!


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