Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space - For the kids

This week I have started some projects for little people in my life, each piece with a different applique.

My daughter's current #1 obsession is Heffalumps... I'm not sure how much more to add to this one, just some hair and a few more outlines or a full embroidered face.

My baby son is growing up surrounded not only by Winnie the Pooh characters, but also his father's Star Wars memorablia - I thought this would brighten up a plain sweatshirt (thanks to a lily pad offcut!).

The hoodie is for a third birthday this weekend - he and his dad are car crazy and have a slot-car set, so I have tried to make it look like a race.

To see what lots of other crafty people are up to this week, have a look at the My Creative Space game on kooyotoo.


  1. I like all of these designs!
    But probably especially the second one!x

  2. Great shapes - I love the aprons from your previous post too!

  3. Hey I've just been having a read through your posts, and just wanted to say HI and LOVE THAT LILY PAD! If I had a baby.... well. One of those Donna Karan ones would be top of my list! Very clever, you are!
    Love your blog and you've done a lovely job of that owlish bedroom for your little one. Gorgeous!!
    Luv Simone

  4. Eek Imeant Karen Walker, not donna karan! Wrong Karan/Karen!

  5. wow how to spice up a boy's outfit.... love it i find it hard to get going on boys out fit's you make it look easy x

  6. Hi, I absolutely adore Yoda. Can you make this a design people can purchase on your website - I will make sure my newphews/sisters notice! x


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