Sunday, September 26, 2010

Auckland kids send their love to Christchurch kids

The awesome team at Kids Fashion Review delivered nearly 1000 care packs of toys and gifts to Christchurch children on September 21st, after raising nearly $10,000 from the auction of goods from New Zealand's independent baby products designers and retailers (including little ole us). Also in the packs were thousands of additional donated goods from the same (and many more) retailers and designers.

Our favourite blogger Maddie at 'lil magoolie volunteered amongst some other lovely Christchurch mums to hand out the care packs, and did an amazing photo montage on her blog - click here to see the kids receiving their goods. Prime News also covered it - video link here.

We're so amazed at the generousity and kindness of spirit Kate Gorman and the team at Kids Fashion Review have displayed for putting this appeal together. Putting a smile on these kids faces again was priceless. It's too easy for the rest of the country to put to the back of their minds and carry on commuting, working and running school runs. But there are hundreds of families still without homes and running water and very stressed. Well done Kate for helping make a better day for 1000 families!

One group of Auckland children who haven't forgotten about all the kids in Christchurch is the Marlborough Kindergarten morning children. Based in Glenfield, Auckland, Marlborough is my daughter Maddie's kindy, and they have an amazing community spirit. When I told them about the Kids Fashion Review (KFR) appeal, and wondered if the kids could contribute, the teachers didn't hesitate to spend a couple of days getting every one of the 45 children to write a 'thinking of you' message and draw a picture for the kids in Christchurch, telling them how much they care. I sent them to Kate and she included them in the packs along with all the other donated goods.

The kindy also held mat-time 'news' times, explaining to the children what had happened and getting them to practice their emergency training for if it happened up here. Marlborough also took the time to take the kids photos with their artworks, and document the process in their kindy books, so they will be able to share their stories with their families, and remember the event for the rest of their lives. I wanted to share a couple with you, with the parents permission. See their caring gorgeous faces, above.
Here is what my Maddie wants to add: "Please try to have a good day, kids. If you want to come to Auckland anytime, we can have a play, and you will feel better." (Too cute, she is only four).

It's kindy holidays now, but on our return next term I'm going in to mat time to read out some of the 'thank you' letters from the kids in Christchurch thanking KFR and all their contributors for the bags. There are some wonderful heart-felt messages - you can read them here.

This has been a wonderful lesson in caring for your community for these kids, and I want to thank Kate for letting them get involved. xo

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  1. What a fabulous thing for the children to do. They will remember it (and the lessons of kindness and generosity and community) for a long time. Maybe always. x


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