Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FeltAID: Things for kids

The FeltAID fundraising initiative for families suffering after the Christchurch earthquakes is going amazingly well - they've got more than 60 artists and designers who have already donated to the store, from Auckland down to Dunedin and everywhere inbetween.

I really want to acknowledge the amazing caring souls and dedication of the co-organisers, Sarah from Songbird Designs and Ana from Ami Ana - you are angels for doing this for Canterbury! As Sarah and I were saying last night - if everyone in New Zealand just stopped their busy lives and thought for just 5 minutes about what the Christchurch people are doing right at that same moment...we'd all be down there manning spades, rebuilding houses, and fixing historic mortar. So if you can't be there - why not buy a piece of handmade love from FeltAID and show you care in some small way?

As this blog is dedicated to all things fabric, and all things family, we thought it would be nice to share with you some of the things available on FeltAID for kids. Yesterday the FeltAID ' helping out' blog did a lovely job of pulling together kids items, and featured Greta's Topography contribution to the cause. Greta made this lovely lilac one-of-a-kind t-shirt especially after the earthquake, as she reminisced about times with her grandmother. It's a lovely story! Read it here on FeltAID.

Then, today the fabulous 'lil magoolie also chose her favourite items for kids and mums' Christmas presents - I got a lovely surprise to see my lily pad 'lily love' that I've donated to the cause in amongst her pics, alongside Cotton Kiwi's fairy skirt and A Little Vintage's gorgeous doll and HRJDDesign's magnetic wall puzzle - all lovely crafty ladies I've met recently. Thanks heaps Maddie for supporting the fundraiser!
So what are you waiting for, buy a special present today!

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