Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

So yet another bloggy challenge has been issued by one of the American mum blogs I follow - this one is a Kids Clothes Week Challenge! The challenge is to spend one hour a day for a week (September 20-27) sewing clothes for your kids, and then pop the results up on a flickr group. It's only Tuesday (Monday in the US!) and already there are over 988 entries in the flickr group and 424 comments on her blog about it - now that's some SERIOUS blogging power!!!

I checked out a few pages and one of the entries that jumped out at me was a gorgeous little sunfrock made from the same Amy Butler fabric 'Periwinkle Bali Gate' that I use on my blue lily pad. Isn't it divine! Imagine a little one year old or an 18 month old relaxing on a walk in a pram with a popsicle, in a matching sunfrock and lily pad pram liner! Oh the style!

I also love the 'big butt baby pants' by Made By Rae (who I follow) - she's seriously cool and has pointed me in the direction of several absolutely non-fail sewing patterns for mums and kids. Especially the McCall's 5388 women's top pattern, which Rae has modified a million times to make cool shift tops that are friendly to post-baby tummies!!!

Rae's 'big butt baby pants' above are going into the flickr pool, and are especially for kids who wear MCNs (modern cloth nappies) and need a bit more room in the rear - my baby no.2 wears MCNs and I seriously love them. So in my book these pants are gorgeous!

The Kids Clothes Week Challenge and flickr group is worth a look, even if it's just for a bit of "fall" Northern Hemisphere-style inspiration for future projects. There are also giveaways of sewing patterns each day, using random.org, so you might get lucky!

I might pop up this wee 'bumblebee' hoodie I made Lori on the flickr group, complete with yellow tulle wings on the back.
I'll also try to convince Greta to enter her Spring Lamb and Kiwi t-shirts she's completing for the winner of our KFR charity auction pack.

Happy crafting and sewing!

PS: Don't forget Kiwis and Aussies can enter the Amy Butler competition we blogged about the other day - entries close on Friday this week!! I'm entering my new Christmas Card Keepers!!!

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