Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sock Monkey Mania!

Sock monkeys, sock elephants, sock name it, I want to make it! So much so that I dedicated my first ever "DIY or Buy" column for this week to sock animals. What I'd like to do is make every fourth or so weekly 'handmade heaven' column into a "DIY instructional" piece that encourages parents just starting to get into handmade or craft projects to have a go. But in the same piece, if they just feel it's too hard to try, I can encourage them to buy from local New Zealand crafters who are selling similar or related goods instead.

Of course, I'm not an expert at writing tutorials - I always look at the real experts, like Maddie at 'lil magoolie or Megan at Mousehouse, and admire their teaching talents. I'll more likely be pointing to other crafters' tutorials: so if you are local crafter with products to sell and tutorials to match, please let me know and I'll include you!! The more publicity for us all the better! (For the next "DIY or Buy" I'm thinking of doing bunting...)

Here's the link to this week's "Sock Monkey" column on babybites, complete with online tutorial from the lovely Sarah at Cotton Kiwi, and links to crafters selling animals including Cotton Kiwi, Ti Ti and Miss Mellie. My own creations, my sister's, and Greta's, are below. Also check out Greta's recent blog post right here on our OTLP blog, showing the process of how she made her elephant friend.

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