Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We love collaborating! Check out Estella Rose baby bags

This OTLP blog is all about Greta and I working on joint projects and collaborations. Two minds are better than one, and all that. So obviously, we love the idea of working with other designers on new ideas too. I already work closely with Keri at Holly Chic Baby, who I really admire (and is my sister-in-law!). Today I want to share with you my next collaboration with another creative gal.

I think I've explained before to you all that my key focus for designing the lily pad pram liner was two fold. One, there had to be a practical, easy answer to keeping our kiddies dry and clean on the move. Dry-cleaning, shrmi-cleaning. Spot-cleaning - gross. Two, as a Mum, I was missing being surrounded by stylish fabrics. There's too many mass-produced, synthetic material baby products out there. Babies deserve quality too!

So you can imagine my absolute delight making a lovely new friend in Lisa, the creative force and owner behind Estella Rose Bags. Lisa and I first met when we were fellow stall holders at Craftnoon Tea market and the Devonport Craft Market. I was so in love with her bags that I immediately ordered one for myself. (I got the Amy Butler blue/slate spots). Not only were they a) a practical, easy to use answer for Mums, being roomy shoulder bags, but b) they were in the most divine 100% cotton designer materials.

Over time as Lisa and I got to know each other we discovered our tastes in fabric were incredibly similar and we began to bounce ideas. A few months later Lisa has designed and launched her beautiful new range of Baby Mama Bags. Among their many features such as built-in change mats, special pockets so milk/water bottles won't spill, key hooks, and straps that fit across the back of prams, is a key feature in my book: the Baby Mama Bags have pockets large enough to fit your lily pad inside! And we've deliberately decided to use two of the same fabrics, so now you can co-ordinate your pram's look!

Why not match your black and white 'modern damask' lily pad with Lisa's bag in either messenger or pleated style? (With fabric by Studio E.)

Or complement your pink 'lily love' lily pad with Lisa's bag again available in both styles, in fabric by Australian designer Emily Bloom (see the top pink pictures).

Or - mix and match! Above here you can see Lisa's black and white messenger bag used on a green Phil & Ted's, which is accessorised with my green 'Moss Martini' lily pad.

You'll be in love with your bag, I am with mine!

See Lisa's new Estella Rose Bags website to find her stockists or buy direct.

Watch this space too for some more upcoming NEW PRODUCT collaborations from lily pad designs and Topography - aka OTLP: just in time for Christmas!!!


  1. Loving that matching bag and pram covers, sharing must be so fun. cheers Marie

  2. thanks Aimiee! Thats a great article, I love it!

  3. Wish these were around when we were using pushchairs!!


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