Thursday, October 28, 2010

Auckland Parent and Child Show!!!

I've just got back from setting up at the Auckland Parent and Child Show with my friend Lisa of Estella Rose Designs bags - we overlap our fabric styles deliberately so people can buy a 'combo' of a matching lily pad and baby mama bag. I think the concept looks AMAZING set up in real life together, check it out:

(Cool matching maternity skirt exclusive to Things for Baby!)

We're on our retailer Things for Baby's stand at no 447, if you are going to the show this weekend, come check us out for some very special show prices!!!!


  1. Your display looks fab. Hope you have a successful show - sending positive vibes your way:) Ciao

  2. I wish I lived in Akld, I would have come for a visit. I love the coordinating fabrics and particularly the large blue damask pattern on the maternity skirt and bag and carseat liner. Best of luck for a very successful show!

  3. we are so talented Aims! haha
    it looks so great!


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