Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Creative Space - Christmas {hearts}

There is so much Christmas going on in my head at the moment that sometimes it is a relief to realise it is only October! Not only do we have our huge OTLP Christmas Giveaway, but there are also crafty Christmas blog swaps popping up.

I have signed up for a couple of swaps, so now I have to figure out some ornaments to send,  and yesterday I experimented with some hearts... I was inspired by My Little Jedi's turquoise and red Xmas post  and it came out quite sweet, the plain heart side is a pocket for some yet-to-be-determined christmas treat!

(p.s. I must add that cutting out a big pile of heart shapes can be very therapeutic).

As today is Thursday, you can visit to see what other bloggers have been up to this week.

And if you would also like to get in the holiday spirit a bit early, check out these links:

Our talented friends at New Zealand Handmade have a single ornament swap open internationally, click here to sign up (by October 23rd) and get the details.

If you like the idea of making (and receiving!) 5 or 6 ornaments, is co-ordinating a swap for NZ crafters, info is here and you have until November 5th to sign-up.

And finally, if you can stretch to making a soft toy instead of an ornament, Meet Me At Mike's is organising a children's charity drive for handmade soft toys. The sign-up sheet is here (note: you won't be able to read about the charity without signing up!).


  1. Sweet hearts. I can imagine it would be therapeutic, wish I could stay home and make hearts to my hearts desire..... But, hi ho it's off to work I go!!
    Your blog is inspiring.

  2. Cutting out a big pile of heart shapes can be very therapeutic? Are you sure about that? I was just thinking that would drive me right nuts!

  3. Your christmas ornaments will look gorgeous on any tree!

  4. The hearts are lovely ornaments. Thanks for sharing the ornament swap details.. I've been looking for one to join. I know what you mean about thinking Christmas in October.. it's the first time I've had to be organised from the perspective of markets and stock and I have my fingers crossed i won't be sick of it come December 25!


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