Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Creative Space: Getting into the spirit...

Another reason I‘m so incredibly organised for Christmas this year is because my retailers have asked me for Christmas stock already. This has included a great new challenge to create custom-made Santa Sacks for Bay Bee Cino, to the store's own specific design.

I asked for permission to add a little bit of ‘lily pad designs’ style to the look of the bags, which included ‘funk-ing’ up the patterns in the layers of fabric on the patchwork design by including signature patterns from my other products.

After hours and hours of folding, layering, and critiquing, I finally created a red and green ‘traditional’ one, which is for boys or girls, and a pink ‘modern’ girly one.

The hardest part of meeting the design brief was trying to find pom pom fringing. Pink I managed to find ok, but no-one stocks red. Turned out to be an almost impossible task unless I was prepared to dye more than 45m of the stuff myself, which seemed far too risky!

I would have thought our obsession with vintage would have meant pom pom fringing was in easy supply! There’s a market opening there!!!

After trying all the major trims wholesalers, in the end the lovely Helen from the brand new ‘Little Craft Store’ in Pt Chevalier suggested thinking of different ideas, and it led me to think about using tassling or loopey fringing instead, and I think it’s given a nice point of difference between the two styles.

Lovely small, jingly reindeer bells and shaped buttons finished the styles off nicely (triple and quadruple stitched for safety!)

Each sack is made to order and personalised with a child’s name. These are exclusively for sale from Bay Bee Cino, Newmarket, from this weekend, contact or email me directly to facilitate a sale...

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PS: Don't forget to enter our pre-Christmas Santa Sack giveaway...only one more week to enter! Click here to find out what to do.


  1. These look fantastic Aimee!
    Do you have an emporium near you?x

  2. Crikey - Christmas stock already? I work in a fabric store and we stock red bobble trim - big and small....but we're in Chch. Give me an email if you want to talk notchka [at] gmail [dot] com

  3. These are great, I'm just in the process of making something similar for my daughter for her first christmas, however my tree is made up of 24 yo-yo's arranged in tree pattern. It is taking sometime to make the yo-yo's as I'm getting a little bored of sewing around circles! Of note I recently bought some red pom pom fringing from the patchwork shop in Geraldine called Needle n' Thread


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