Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Bites Column: Kiddy Sings!

Babywearing has come full circle and is being enjoyed by a whole new generation of mums these days. Whether by sling, front pack, or mei-tai style wrap, babies are riding high and safe with a view of the world every place you go. There’s no better view for a little one than up at shoulder height! As a dedicated sling wearer myself, I am often asked by my four year old – “where’s my sling mum, for my dolly?”

So I had a big smile on my face when I saw these mini-sized slings from Furchin and Unido.

Furchin’s mei-tai sling is a mini version of their adult-sized baby carrier, but simplified by using a clip to secure the waist straps. Designed to fit most children from around 2-8 years, the waist straps are adjustable and the shoulder straps are 50cm long. Handmade from quality, hardwearing 100% cotton canvas, it’s totally machine washable.

Likewise Unido’s patterned and colourful child slings are made to order, and can made to match your adult-sized sling when you order yours. Their website has a fantastic function where you can literally mix and match their fabrics to choose your own unique combination. Creative and cool! Unido also has a great ‘resources’ page where you find links to the best babywearing websites in New Zealand, including Slingbabies, which has safety tips and full instructions on how to wear all types of baby carriers. Check them out today.
Read my original column on Kiddy Slings over at online magazine!
PS: Check out my other post on slings for the top five reasons you should try one - go on, it will change your life!


  1. They are cute. I must say I made my boys baby slings out of scarves and they were well used and well loved and totally adjustable. They also are scarves when the need arises! Love the fabric on the sling!

  2. Those slings are gorgeous. I must say that the ladies at Unido are lovely too :)


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