Friday, November 12, 2010

Carnival Chaos! Amazing fair at Michael Park Steiner School...

I've just realised that I forgot to blog about the Michael Park Steiner School Fair last weekend. It was a real highlight of the month for me - I have never been to such an amazing school fair before. There were literally thousands and thousands of people pouring into the school to share in their friendly, colourful, entertaining fair. From castle playgrounds to dragon's 'reading' dens, go-fish ponds, flag sellers, archery games, live music all day, Mexican food, coffee shops, craft stalls and vendors galore, the event was not to be missed!
Well done to my crafty colleagues Songbird Designs, Cotton Kiwi, Cat Taylor Design, Softearthart, Zippydoodah, Cuckoonest, Linen Tea, and Ruby in the Dust - fantastic stalls, all of you.

The venue itself was gorgeous. The school is made up of lots of little 'houses', with curved roofs and doorways - it's like a little village. As a Rudolf Steiner school they teach the importance of creativity and development of the child's character and spirit and it was so neat to watch the children perform on the stage and field - from singers to ballet dancers, just fantastic. When they drew the raffle, one of the prizes was jewellery from a young, funky local jeweller - wish I could remember his name. But he got up on stage and talked about how he was a Michael Park graduate and after he'd left school he'd opened his own jewellery shop. So clever.

For Miss Four, the top thing to rave about to the grandparents was the 'flag' seller. She was particularly in love with the rainbow silk streamers high on bamboo sticks. (Oh, and the lemonade popsicles).

For hubby, it was the super-cool "NZ" t-shirts by Kolektiv Design Studio.

For me, it was the Mexican food... Organic avacados and just-spicy bean mixtures cooked by an amazing team of parents, lashings of salad and corn chips and sour cream. And for dessert - meringes, cream and strawberries. Needless to say we have copied that menu for dinner this week already!!

Here's a few pictures of our On Top of a Lily Pad stall (OTLP equals me, Topography and our honourary member Lisa at Estella Rose). Lovely to meet you all!


  1. Thank you for your lovely comments about my bags! Your stall looks great. Have been to a couple of Steiner school fairs before (in Chch though) but your one looks really great! One day I hope to get to Auckland for a weekend of market shopping!

  2. I've heard that fair is a brilliant one!
    Looks really busy and lots of fun things to do and buy.
    And the Mexican food sounds devine!x

  3. It was such beautiful weather too, just lovely. I think the jeweler was Julian Bartrom (I recognised his name on the list of artists for the Art & Craft Fair), he has a really pretty website

  4. wow sounds like an amazing day... it looks like the perfect day weather wise as well.

    Your stall looks wonderful too! x


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