Monday, November 1, 2010

Christmas giveaway winners announced!

I was very excited tonight to be able to sit down and draw the winners for our Christmas Santa Sack giveaway this month just now, using the random draw function on .

Compiling the 109 entries was a mammoth task - thank you, thank you, to everyone who shared our giveaway with others on their blogs or facebook, and received their 'five' entries. Turns out, somehow it must help as our two winners both had five entries each.

The winner of the OTLP Secret Santa Pack is: Lady Chelini!

The runner-up winner of the Songbird Designs 6x card pack is: Kriss!

Please email me ladies when you see this message to talk and claim your prizes!

It was truely heart-warming to read all your cool messages about what you liked best about Christmas. I thought it only fair for us to share our own stories about what we like best about Christmas.

I LOVE Christmas for two reasons. One is because my Mum has always made Christmas so special and so caring for my sisters and myself: the thought that goes into her presents, many of which are handmade, always delights me. She stores things away for months. She also lovingly made us three girls gorgeous heirloom stockings when we were born, that she still fills today (and I'm 33!), and she now has made more for all six of her grandchildren. I love you Mum! xoxo

Secondly, I love Christmas because it's also my husband's birthday, and his Dad's too. They are wonderful people with hearts of gold and I love that we get to celebrate with my husband all day, focusing on Christmas for the kids in the morning, and birthday dinner and cake for my hubbie at night. I love you Mr! xoxo

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  1. I love Christmas because it reminds me of being a kid with my brother and sister, and now it is a chance to make memories with my kids... my mum used to make me a Christmas dress every year, and there were so many rituals like going to buy a tree, helping mum make the cake, decorating the tree, shopping for our parents all by ourselves (we thought) in the mall...

    I also loved being able to eat chocolate for breakfast (and pavlova for breakfast on Boxing Day!), and that has not changed :)


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