Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lori-lou's first birthday: fairground fun

Lori-Lou is officially our little ray of sunshine, so we had her first birthday party the other day, and themed it around the best type of childhood fun in the sun - playing at a old style fairground.

The bunting I'd made earlier set the scene, and I reused the image on her party invitations too.

We used an ice-cream machine to whip up 'soft serve' ice creams, which we served in little striped punnets, like in the olden days, with lashings of toppings like chocolate sauce, M and Ms, and fruit sticks like Mr Whippy uses. I downloaded some PDFs to make vintage pop corn boxes (as seen on Lil Magoolie a couple of months ago - I saved the idea) and we made club sandwiches too.

The cake was just a simple chocolate cake, but I dressed it up with fruit kebabs cut into flower shapes with cookie cutters to look like a flower bed. My four year old and I did it together the day before, so it was a stress free morning. She'd actually been the one to 'find' the idea of fruit kebabs from her preschooler's magazine, Sparkleworld. I just developed it into a cake well as the flower bed, we mixed coconut into the icing to make it look really 'grassy', like a field.

It was a lovely, laid back party without a stress in the world to organise. Lori-lou looked divine in a special rose covered party dress bought in Australia by her Nanny and smiled her whole way through it. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos as much as I enjoyed organising it :)

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