Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mini Stocking Stuffers

My Mini Stockings have had lots of attention this week (at the Devonport Market and on the amazing Li'l Magoolie blog), so I thought I would put together some gift ideas for what to put in them (as always we would love your feedback so please feel free to add any other suggestions!).

I fell in love with Nut and Bee a few months ago and just made my first purchase - 'cute' is a serious understatement! Annette M Russell designs kawaii-style illustrations that often have a New Zealand twist - my daughter will be getting the native bird magnets in her stocking. There are 132 designs you can pick from for magnets (4 for US$6.50) or pin buttons (4 for US$4).

These finger-puppets are self-explanatory I think! $10 for the set from Kazzalblue.

Upcycled crayons are everywhere on Etsy but I haven't seen any in NZ lately, have you? As an alternative these Crayon Rocks look like fun, available at Bubbalooz from $9.90 for a bag of 8.

Songbird Designs has custom hair pins ($4 each) that can be made from your choice of 120 fabrics!

p.s. I have added listings to my Felt shop for Two Stockings ($22) and Three Stockings ($33) so it is easier to buy for all the kids at once  :)


  1. fab ideas Grets! I particularly like the crayon rocks - I need some 'little' ideas for Lori that dont' quite fit into her mouth :)


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