Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Creative Space - The best robot quilt in the universe

(Ok so this is actually my mum's creative space but she doesn't blog and I did kind of help with the design...)

I am very proud to show off to this beautiful quilt my mum has just finished for my son's first birthday. It is only her second quilt and her first applique project, and I love it!

The bedroom is still in progress as we recently moved house, but will have a robot and space theme - so cute for little boys (and ties in with Dad's Star Wars memorabilia too!) When we started looking for robot and space fabrics we couldn't find anything we really liked so mum decided she would have to design her own robots, how gorgeous are they?

Towards the end of the project we found this amazing space print with tiny spaceships and spacemen (from Cushla's in Devonport), which tied the appliques and the denim borders together.

For more cool projects, check out each Thursday.

p.s. If you have never had a look at, it is an amazing site where you can design your own fabric (just like last week's Project Runway!) They now have heaps of robot prints after running a contest for them, link is here


  1. This is amazing - especially seeing as its only her second quilt!!

  2. Gorgeous quilt! What a special birthday pressie for your son.

    (freaky, I have a spaced themed word verification too: astra)

  3. What a lovely present for your son. Your mum has done a fab job! Thanks for the link to spoonflower too - I have a robot mad little boy in my house, so I think I may need to have a shop :-P

  4. What a fantastic quilt! Your mum is very clever. this would be a big hit in my boy-filled household too. Thanks for sharing these pics.xx
    PS. your little guy is adorable :)

  5. It is amazing! Your mum has done so well, I bet the finished room will be stunning!


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