Thursday, November 25, 2010

My creative space: custom orders...

This week my creative space has been filled with lots and lots of custom orders, specifically personalised Santa Sacks for Bay Bee Cino, and a range of children's aprons. I found fantastic little wooden utensils to go with them and hope they sell well for Christmas. I get Greta to hand make the appliques - aren't they gorgeous?

It's been a little hard to concentrate in the past 24 hours though, with all the tragic news about the miners and their families in Greymouth. We are sending them all our love - it's unbelievably horrible in what should be a happy, festive, family time. We are thinking of you all day and night. xo

(NB: for loads of other creative projects happening around NZ and Australia this weeek...head over to Kirsty's and play our regular Thursday bloggy crafty game.)

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