Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space - Easy Tote Bag

I must have read 30 tote bag tutorials in the last couple of weeks but this one really caught my eye and so I have given it a try... I don't think I have the patience to ever make something as clever as Estella Rose's gorgeous bags or Aimee's Sew Inspired handbag, but I liked the idea of something plain I could applique, that could possibly come out good enough to be a gift...

Because it was my first try, I used material on hand instead of splurging, and I had a piece of denim approx 90cm x 40cm so that became the outer of the bag (folded in half lengthways). The lining is leftover fabric from when I made my husband a shirt many years ago. Colourfool's tutorial is very funny (the title is 'The Greatest Bag Tutorial EVER?') and absolutely written for beginners.

I had another piece of denim for a pocket and used The Longest Year's tutorial for tips. I have been trying to figure out a strawberry design in my head for a while and this is my first attempt at actually doing one, I was quite pleased with it.

So this is the finished product, I made the straps quite long for some reason but it is definitely a tote bag, yay!

We love taking turns doing Creative Space on Thursdays, you can see other people's at Kootoyoo.

p.s. During my 'research' I came across, they sell patterns for gorgeous bags, the Lily Pocket Purse may have to be a future project...


  1. well done! I love it - also to everyone out there who is a Spotlight VIP: don't forget to pick up your FREE issue of their 'Get Creative Quarterly' magazine - SUPER cool Christmas projects and a free tote pattern!! xoxo

  2. Great bag! I love it in denim.


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