Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Creative Space - is my new creative space!

My 'Creative Space' blog game contribution this week isn't my latest crafty project, as per usual.

Instead, I wanted to share with you my new creative space - literally! I am super excited that now instead of having my sewing business equipment spread out over the floor, kitchen table and one half of the computer nook, I now have a dedicated workspace.

For months now I have trawled trademe looking for a hideaway computer 'armoire' - like a vintage styled freestanding wardrobe with doors where you can hide everything away. But I really wanted one that has a platform inside for a computer (aka my sewing machine and overlocker) that would slide and extend out, so my knees can go underneath. Finally I found one. This one is even better than I hoped for, because the doors slide into 'cavities' in the side, so you don't feel closed in, or lose the light.

I've sorted all my ribbons, threads, patterns, staple guns, brads, scrapbooking, everything I own that's to do with lily pad designs, and filed them in boxes. I've sorted my fabrics into baskets into the cupboards. And I've moved out of the dark computer nook and into the best light in the whole house - the corner of the living area leading out onto the deck. Now the girls can play around me while I sew. Bliss!!!!

Of course, my trusty pinboard had to come with me - as you know I'm obsessed by them. Attached to the back side, now there's no way little fingers can steal my contacts' businesscards, my magazine cut outs, etc! If your browser makes the top picture big enough, you can probably even spy my new 'mood board' hanging behind my's got my latest thoughts on my new Summer 2011 range, launching in a couple of weeks...
Next step - I want some cool handles - I'd quite like some big decorative Asian style handles - like the filigree circles you see on their ancient cabinets: can you help, does anyone know where to buy those?

To be inspired by a huge range of other crafty projects coming to life each Thursday, made by crafty people in NZ and Australia, visit the My Creative Space blog game at Kirsty's.


  1. Oh my goodness!
    Your Creative Space looks fabulous!!
    I want one now!!xx

  2. I agree - I could definitely use that in my space!! I love your name for the meme - blog game :-) We will expect to see loads of great creations now you have the perfect space :-) xx

  3. That cupboard was made for your room & stuff! Awesome work. How exciting to have it all sitting nice & handy now.

  4. It is great to feel organised. Charmaine

  5. Your space looks so organised - I have way to much stuff for one cupboard - lets just say I have 5 asked about the Joel D Modern Meadows navy and what might be unisex? we don't have every design in the three palettes but we do have Sunflower in Navy - the really retro stylised flower I think that would be the only really unisex floral, but the Picnic Plaid, Nap Sack and Herringbone would all be great. Thats what I think anyway :)

  6. Thanks everyone! Perhaps I cheated a litle by not mentioning that my laundry is still my 'warehouse' for my 3 tubs of fabric currently not in use, my wadding rolls, my MDF and staple guns, my wooden art frames, etc, etc, etc....half my creative gear is craft items, not just sewing and that stuff doesn't fit anywhere!!!! Thanks Notchka too re the advice on the navy fabric!

  7. Fantastic Aimee!!!!!!!
    I must come over and have a much better look soon
    Jaz xxxx


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