Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby bites column: bright iDears for Xmas Wrapping

As you know around here we LOVE Christmas and Greta and I have dedicated the last two months to making crafty gifts. But if you are like me, half the fun of Christmas is in the wrapping, ribbons and card writing!!!

There’s nothing cooler than seeing your gift looking stylish with handmade cards, gift tags and wrapping paper. With this gorgeous selection I’ve gathered up you’ll be hovering around making sure the kids don’t rip the paper when they attack the sellotape, or screw up the tags in the rubbish pile!

First up – gift tags. I literally burst out laughing when I saw these “No Peeking” gift tags (see pic above) from iDearPapergoods. Super stylish for school kids and teenagers alike! Quirky and fun, they’re perfect for people who don’t take life too seriously and iDear also has a range of more traditional ones on her store at

Or here’s an idea for your littlies to give to Nana on Christmas morning which will no doubt be more popular than the gift attached. Beautiful ceramic gift tags from Mudbird NZ. Treat them carefully and they can double as Christmas decorations for the tree next year!

If you’re after free downloadable gift tags, check out the lovely designer selection by Creature Comforts here or here.

For handmade Christmas Cards, check out iDear’s range again: I love the “Have a bright Christmas” card featuring bright blue sunglasses, and the “Seasoned Greetings” card with old fashioned salt and pepper shakers!

Cupcake Cutie also has a lovely range for the little sweetie in your family – cupcake designs perfect for little girls.

And anyone would love receiving these heart-felt cards from Tinch Design Studio, which double as fridge magnets for the rest of the year, or check out her little birdie-themed 2010 Christmas card and matching gift tags design.

If you’re after a free downloadable card design, check out this early morning-inspired one by Designs from Val. Coffee is a must when up with the kids so early!

As for wrapping paper: while you’re looking at Tinch’s designs, you might notice her freebie – some colour-in-your-own wrapping paper! Too cute!

Other free DIY wrapping paper downloadables include this lovely range in traditional red and green spots or this range including duck egg blues and damasks from Mae in Australia, or this carved stamp wrapping idea spotted on Li'l Magoolie.

Have fun wrapping – I know I will this year!
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