Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas in the Lily Pad house....

Handmade Christmas: Door wreath, by me. NZ Flower Fairy Mini Stockings, by Greta. Handspun wool NZ Flower Fairies, bought from a lovely lady at the Willow Park Primary fair, mini tree bunting by me, purple trees by my wonderful friend Jaz and her girls, Xmas card keeper, mine, red filigree tree, flat pack kit from Spotlight, six Santa Sacks by me with help from my Mum, for my daughters, neices and nephews, and pink paper fairy by my amazing four year old.

Christmas in the Lily Pad Designs house is always special. Most notably, because my hubby and father in law were both born on Christmas Day. And now one of my closest friend's little girl has her birthday on Christmas too (Happy 2nd Birthday, Allie xoxo).

So officially three of my most favourite people in the world celebrate their special day on the same day the rest of us get presents too, and rather than hating the fact, my hubby is crazily into Christmas. Like, mad. If he could light our house outside in lights, and put a toy sleigh on the roof, he would. Instead we have lights for Africa inside. This year in particular, we are celebrating with a special 'hand made' Christmas, to celebrate our first Lily Pad Designs Christmas. I thought I would give you a sneak peak inside our house.
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


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  2. Oh it looks just beautiful. How lucky to have a Christmas birthday. You would get the day of every year!! and while not everyone would be celebrating your birthday, at least they are celebrating. I love the stocking too by the way.

  3. It all looks lovely! Have a wonderful Christmas (come birthday parties!) x

  4. It all looks gorgeous Amie - Merry Christmas to you and yours and Happy B day to the Huz and Dad-in-Law :)


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