Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Creative Space - What's new pussycat?

This week I had to quickly make a softie, so a sock animal seemed an obvious choice... I gave pussycat a sleepy face because sleeping all day seems like the best thing about being a cat.

It was a good excuse to try another pattern from the Sock and Glove book I bought after making my first ever softie, Mr Elephant. They even made friends!

So why the rush? I remembered the toy drive on Meet Me at Mike's, they collect handmade softies each Christmas for The Mirabel Foundation, an amazing Australian children's charity. So Pussycat has been posted to Melbourne, lucky kitty!

See what everyone else has been making this week on

p.s. We love sock monkeys & friends on this blog, check out this post   :)


  1. Mr Elephant is gorgeous! Good job!

  2. These are both heartwarmingly adorable!

  3. Only just seen this, with my computer back on!
    Love the new cat - what a brilliant toy for the Mirabel Foundation!

  4. Pussycat is gorgeous and will be extremely well loved I guarantee!


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