Thursday, December 9, 2010

New lily pad Summer 2011 Collection: it's real!!

In the weekend we had an awesome day shooting the new imagery for the Summer 2011 Lily Pad pram liner collection. Natalie from Fox Fotography was amazing, she totally understand my 'vision' and style dream for the shots: REAL mums out and about with their kids, perhaps rushing, perhaps lazy-ing around, but tidy, clean, easy going, in trend and fashionable. And she has such a great warmth that the two little kiddie models didn't even cry or grumble for FIVE whole hours!!! (If you are a crafter or sewer, and are interested in getting some magazine style shots, or clean studio shots for your websites or Felt, I highly recommend her).

The lovely pregnant model is my bestie, doesn't she look gorgeous. The little boy is her darling Cooper, the baby is my little Loren, I'm the dark haired mum, and the spunky husband is my own hubby. We had an absolute BALL.

My clever hubbie has created a slideshow of the best shots, what do you think?

The new range of colours will be available from my retailers from early next week.


  1. Oh what FUN! And the shots are fabulous - they appear natural and candid. So good to see product shots shown as part of real life and not obviously styled to death! Well done :)

  2. Just love the second picture, of the lovely cream styled pram wear, great shot. cheers Marie


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