Saturday, January 22, 2011

Designer love: the Rising Star of Melody Miller

OK, so if you've been reading this blog for a while you'll know I adore watching the new fabric collections come out. I wait with excitement twice a year for the new collections from my fav designers.

But tonight I stumbled across a new US-based designer who is just starting out, releasing her first line with Kokka literally at Christmas. And first her range, and then her blog, stopped me in my tracks. Like Helen Dardik, or Heather Ross, who I adore and who also prints her designs with Kokka, Melody Miller's fabrics are more illustrative than 'high seasonal fashion', and would be amazing for crafting or children's wear or home decor. Like Miss Ross her first range is printed on that awesome heavier linen mix that Kokka do so well. They're exactly the kind of fabric I'd use in my crafting, rather than my lily pads.

The 'Ladies in Natural' is what caught my eye first, and then the 'Viewfinder' range, and then the rest...the whole range is so kitch and vintage and 50s and cute, all in one. I NEED them. In my lounge, my kitchen, my girls' rooms...

I was also totally captivated by her blog, which details her journey to release her first fabric line - something I'd LOVE to do. To top it off she's an active indie crafter (check out her cute elephant softies) and an artisan - I adore the style of her photography on her blog.

Take a Kit Kat break and immerse yourself in rising cleverness!


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