Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY: beach-side baby pool

My Dad is always coming up with projects to build or create something using something stored in his garage. This time he’s hit upon an idea that I reckon is tops!
With a crawling baby and a four year old, trips to the surf beaches usually mean stopping them from going in the water too deep, and ending up standing in the white wash, holding on to them for dear life. After a while you just want to sit down on your towel and relax, but the babies have other ideas.
So why not create a safe little pool within arms reach next to your towels where the babies can sit, keep cool, and build sand castles around themselves at the same time? My two could happily spend half an hour in there, and you can sit and watch and relax.

To make your DIY Beach Pool:

Step One: Go through your garage and find a small tarp (or head to the Warehouse and buy a small tarp).
Step Two: Hit the beach, appropriately sun-blocked. Using a spade, dig a shallow small hole next to your beach towel.
Step Three: Lay the tarp in it, use sand to hold down the edges, and use a bucket to add about 4 bucket fulls of sea water, enough for a splash and a play.
Step Four: Sit back and watch your kids play safely! Relax!
Step Five: Shake out your tarp and take it home for next time!


  1. That is quite the most clever idea I've seen in ages. I can't believe I've never thought to do this. Thank you for the inspiration!! x

  2. Brilliant! Can't believe we never did this! Alas, all three girls want to swim now. So it's back to the surf watch for us!!! Not much relaxing on the sand........but in a few years time.... xx

  3. So cool, bet everyone else on the beach was jealous!

  4. that's such a great idea, would be nice to actually relax at the beach for a change!


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