Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Free 'back to school' printables by Creative Mamma

If you love free downloadable printables as much as me, you will be very excited about my latest find. All you need is some children to gift them to and you are totally justified in the ink costs!

Why? Well, it's back to school and kindergarten this week and time to shake off your littlies' holiday mode.

There's never a better time than now to set up your expectations for the year in terms of encouraging good manners, setting up a before and after school or kindy routine, instilling tidy up times or introducing new chore lists. Why not make it fun by giving them a gift of a matching 2011 Kawaii kids Organisation kit?

Free to download at Creative Mamma, this kit gives your child a monthly calendar for the year they can write on; a weekly chores chart; 'reward coupons' to cash in; shopping lists and to do lists they can fill out; and stickers to decorate. All decorated with cute Japanese cartoon "Kawaii" characters.

Now your child can be proud of their responsibility filling out the calendars and charts themselves, and keeping them on display.

And while you're on Creative Mamma's website, you could download some free downloadable Kawaii school book stickers, mini note cards, or free Valentine's cards for your kids to give you to say thanks for all their cool new stationary!
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  1. love the reward charts, have been using these for a couple of weeks now - perfect!


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