Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Creative Space - Easy Ribbon Necklace

A 2 year-old's birthday gave me the excuse to try this awesome tutorial from Prudent Baby, and it is just the kind of small, fiddly project I like.

She doesn't usually wear pink so I went with purple and blue, a pale blush and some craft ribbon with flowers. All you have to do is sew each loop on your machine, then tidy up the join by melting the ends back on to the back of the loop (don't worry, it is explained much better in the tutorial!)

Instead of a ribbon tie at each end, I used one main ribbon and sewed it on to both of the end loops, so the 2 year old could just pull the necklace on and off without worrying about it coming untied.

Let us know if you try this one yourself - it took me about half an hour - and check out this grown-up looking version from Prudent Baby (one of our favourite blogs by the way, they also had the dress tutorial Aimee used here).

The creative space game is back for 2011 at, check it out!

p.s. you could also use this idea for ribbon (or fabric) scraps left over from other projects, so I will call it a re-design too!


  1. Thank you for sharing, this tute is great! I now know what to do with all the pretty ribbons I have been collecting for ages - perfect.
    The colours in yours are gorgeous.

  2. The necklace looks fantastic - a great version of the old newspaper chains I remember making as a kid.

  3. Very cute - I used to make paper chains like this for the christmas tree!

  4. bet the little girl loved it! and love your new blog banner too :)

  5. really cute.. lucky little girls....

  6. Hope cute!! Love the idea of using scraps too :)

  7. What a cute idea! My daughters would love that...I may have to try it myself!


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