Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As luck would have it...

I literally can't believe my luck. For the second time in my life, I have driven off with precious lily pad designs stock on the roof of my car. And didn't realise, for three hours.

As one lady said when I went back to retrace my steps: I'm lucky I didn't forget to put my baby in the car.

My head is so full of all the hundreds of things I want to do both at work in my day job and through lily pad for Christchurch, and as I settle into a new routine with someone to help me with childcare, and school starting for my nearly five year old, I feel a little woolly headed at the moment.

And so it was that the other day I drove off from a fabric shop with 6 metres of designer fabric on the roof of my car.

When I finally realised, and took both my children back to retrace my steps, I really didn't think I'd find it. But I had hope, because last year I lost my baby's sling in the same way - and found it the next day, in a gutter. When Miss nearly five suggested we walk around the check the grass areas next to the fabric shop, I pretty much said ok because it was sunny and otherwise without some exercise and sunshine the day seemed so futile.

But there it was! Some lovely honest person had popped it up on the fence line of the business next door.

So now I can make and sell my lovely frenchy, vintage-y, new line of "Modern Paisley" black and white lily pads. Here's a sneak peak of this lovely, lucky fabric.

PS: this is my last post for March, as I am going on a much needed overseas holiday for a couple of weeks with my hubbie and girls. Greta will continue to post while I'm away and I'm back in April. Will miss you all!! xx


  1. Have a good break Aimee. Hope to catch up with you soon xxxxx
    ps that fabric is delicious and so very lucky!!!

  2. I love that fabric. Will try not to break the blog while you are gone ;)

  3. OMG, you are so lucky! I think you really need that break, Aimee. Have a wonderful time. x

  4. OMG! That is exactly like tke kind of thing I would do! I am SO glad you got it back - it sure is a lovely fabric. Wishing you a fab fab fab holiday, and hope to have a coffee when you get back, Bren X


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