Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baby blue - Star Wars style

Baby boy is not such a baby any more, but his robot room is finally taking shape.

The colours came from these Star Wars posters. The Episode I poster on the left I found already framed years ago in a Rendells clearance (oh how I miss thee Rendells!), the Clone Wars cinema banner was a gift from my brother while I was pregnant.

By coincidence, my Nana crocheted this baby blanket that ties in perfectly (it is his favourite thing in the world, he loves putting his fingers through the holes).

My mum made the curtains from some clearance fabric she found that is in binary! Love it.

(She also made this gorgeous quilt, I have posted about it before here)

This amazing robot mobile was made by some other clever family members of mine, along with some matching letters for the bedroom door.

The scooter was a Christmas present from another Uncle and Aunt, it isn't from space but it does have a sparkly seat (and he is really good at riding it backwards).

I found these mini Star Wars prints (on the left) by Xander at Kraftbomb, and Aimee gave us this awesome Moon Mum robot (on the right, from Holly Chic) which I have framed with a robot poem that cracks big sister and him up.

If you are wondering what else I have made for the room myself.... um.... there are some cushions coming... and Teddy is wearing one of my prototype alphabet t-shirts. Darth Tater is currently the only toy memorabilia from Dad's Star Wars collection that is allowed to be toddler-mauled (note one arm is already missing).

See what everyone else has been doing each week at's 'My Creative Space'.

P.s. The other OTLP bedrooms so far:


  1. Oh my hubby has a star wars collection too - he is slowly relenting on a few items (a very small few though) to our two older ones :-P. Love the robot/space theme for your little boys room. The blue is just so fresh and vibrant. And all those handmade touches are just fabulous.

  2. Love the robot mobile, my wee boy has a robot nursery, maybe because I myself went through a crazy robot loving phase which I may or may not still be in... :)

  3. Love the binary curtains how cool and that photo of your son on the scooter is adorable.

  4. LOVE that robot mobile!! and the rocking scooter is awesome

  5. Cool curtains, love the fabric....binary? Who woulda' thought? They look fab!

  6. I didn't notice the curtains last time I visited! they are AWESOME!! The room looks great, so interesting in every corner, and lovely and peaceful for dreaming time.


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