Monday, March 14, 2011

Confession - I love a Royal Wedding!

I was 4 years old when Lady Di became the Princess of Wales (July 29th, 1981), and it was a huge event in my little life. Mum says my kindy teachers were quite shocked that I had been up late in the night to watch it, but pre-VCRs my poor mother probably didn't have a choice!

In the days before hardcore paparazzi and the internet, the wedding between the 32 year old heir to the throne and his 20 year old virgin bride was all fairytale. She was beautiful, a 'commoner' (although her family were aristocrats with one of England's great estates), and even a kindy teacher!

It was not hard to fill my scrapbooks - the royal family were on the cover of the New Zealand Women's Weekly every week in the 80s, and always in the newspapers too. Hard to believe now when they are usually only in the news here for scandal. At the end of the year my grandmother gave me this commemorative book, a prized possession with fascinating details like who rode in which carriage... {starting to get a little embarrassed}

My childhood obsession hobby gradually faded but there is still a glamour and romance to royal weddings that is not often replicated by celebrities (no matter how hard some have tried...) And now that Prince William and Kate Middleton are only weeks away from their big event, the biggest question is of course - what will she wear?

Grace Kelly will probably always be the gold standard for royal brides - at the height of her beauty and career she was dressed by a Hollywood costume designer when she married Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956.

I also love Princess Margaret in 1960 (very 'Mad Men' Season 1!) and Lady Helen Windsor in 1992.

Poor Kate (sorry, she is now Catherine) has already been criticised for her fashion choices - too safe, too boring - but I think she is looking elegant and pretty, and her trademark Issa dresses let her show off her figure. Like Michelle Obama, she often wears off-the-rack 'High Street' fashion -  important PR for a publicly-funded figure during a recession.

So I will be following with interest - will the dress be by Bruce Oldfield? Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen? Will William wear Red? Will they have these on their cake? Welcome to Prince William who is coming to New Zealand this week  :)

p.s. If your little girl is fascinated by princesses, you must see Aimee's gorgeous fairytale decorating


  1. You are too funny! I never knew this about you and we have been best friends for what - 23 years????? I have to admit I am totally waiting to see her choice of designer too. x

  2. SNAP and double SNAP - except I was 9! Thought you might like this post of mine on the 1981 Wedding....



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