Friday, March 25, 2011

Handmade Heaven: Dressing up has never been cooler!

(We love making special clothes for our kids but sometimes you see something so clever you really want to buy it! Aimee is on holiday but this is her recent handmade column from

Funky handmade Melbourne label Paul and Paula has come up with the most amazingly detailed hoodies, tees, leggings and pants with dragon spikes, bat wings, shark teeth and lady bird spots mixing in perfectly with navy, red, stripes and denim. Here’s one ‘costume’ you won’t mind the kids wearing out the door!

Spotted first on the L’il Magoolie ‘L’il Earthquake Appeal’ for Christchurch, I traced these wickedly cool clothes back to their designer’s website and loved them to pieces. Paul and Paula clothing can be bought direct on Etsy or you can bid on the lady bug hoodie over at Lil Magoolie’s until March 30.

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