Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Handmade Heaven: Yoozoos!

Foo. Oodle. Jooniper. Gooloop and Hooper. The tongue-twister names alone will attract your little guy! These fun plush softies from designer and animator Julian Stokoe from Yoozzoo in Auckland look like characters straight out of a cartoon – and actually, they are.


Julian was inspired to make this set of dolls after developing the characters for animation and book form. Yoozzoo dolls are a limited edition series of 50 each of 6 characters. Designed and made in New Zealand, each doll has a polar fleece outer and is filled with 100% NZ carded wool.


Each doll comes with a swing tag featuring their own story. My favourite, Foo, is described as a 'go-getter', especially if that means going and getting more supplies of quince jelly and milk. Available at New Zealand design store or direct at

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  1. Seems all of us animators are out there trying our hands at kids gifts! These are great :)


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