Thursday, March 10, 2011

I {heart} re-designing: retro-stylin' bucket hats...

This weeek another of the projects on my " i {heart} redesigning list for 2011" has just been completed. This one is reusing some awesome Summer retro fabric from a 2005-ish Trelise Cooper top (that was bought pre-children, and will never fit again).

I've been keeping it because I wanted to turn it into one of those awesome vintage-type bonnets that are all the rage - I simply adore the ones by Nella on and for boys, the Gottahave hats/caps on as well.

But I also really like the modern Billabong kids 'revo hats' out this Summer in the surf stores - their designs takes a bucket hat, gives it a wider, floppy brim, and crosses over the brim at the back and fastens it with a velcro bit. They call it a 'pony-tail' hole, and it's meant to wrap around a little girl's pony tail (ie like a cap has) to help keep it on.
So taking these two ideas and mixing them together I came up with a wider-brimmed bucket hat, with the brim extended at the back to cross over and tie together, like a vintage bonnet. All I did to the original Butterick Baby 3782 pattern was extend the two pieces of the brim by around 15cm each, and taper them off into a point.
My bubba is having a lot of fun taking it off, putting it on, taking it off, putting it on....
And I'm pleased as punch that another project can be crossed off my project list.
For more amazing creative spaces this week check out Kirsty's blog.


  1. It's such a great look. Look at that sensational brim. No daylight is getting onto that cute little face. x

  2. So sweet! Alas, summer has ended without my bucket hat getting completed, oops....


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