Saturday, March 12, 2011

I'm grateful for... organisers!

The other week I fell in love with this Sarah McNeil print, and then a few days later it popped up on a Facebook auction for Christchurch, run by Foxes! So yesterday it arrived in my mailbox...

Not only does it have a 'favourite things' feel to it (I can't resist lambs and strawberries), but I love the title - 'Trying to Be Happy Most of the Time'.

I am grateful for people who set something up so the rest of us feel like we are making a contribution. Auctions (and bake sales!) make both the donator and the buyer feel good about helping, so thank you to everyone that is organising these fundraisers. If you haven't had a look at Li'l Magoolie's auction yet, it is a gorgeous collection of products for mums and kids (you will have to fight me for this hat!)

Aimee and I have each donated special sets for this auction - lilypad + (very smart) cafe face washers or navy + black newborn Kiwi shirts. Organiser Maddie is a Christchurch resident and passionate about her adopted hometown, so please take a minute to check it out.

Another organiser I'm grateful for this week - Leonie (aka kiwiatheart) who has started Softies for Christchurch. I have had a lot of fun designing my first fabric softie (pics to follow next week), and am so pleased that it will be given to a child that will really appreciate it. There is no cut-off date yet so if you would like to make one just email Leonie.

FeltAid has started up again too, their shop is here for more handmade goodies with all sales going to Red Cross.

Maxabella organises 'I'm grateful for...' on Saturdays, thanks Maxabella! 


  1. I agree! So much time & effort goes into organising events and fundraisers!
    P.s Love that print by Sarah McNeil. x

  2. Oh wow, totally love your choices & when you spend money on things you love for charity, well, even better!! Love Posie

  3. Thanks for all these links. Your post is a reminder that amidst the heartbreak there are some truly good, kind hearted people in the world. I'm over from Maxabella's blog hop and am now following along. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Oh me too, me too. Where would we all be without these wonderful, generous DO-ERs who rally us all to be the army of hope. x

  5. Great to see these initiatives and how they change the world for the better.
    Grateful you acknowledged them in this way.
    My reasons for being grateful are at


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