Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space - Abstract on Turquoise

My very neutral lounge needed some colour.

The only colour it had was this board Aimee made me last year and this A Little Vintage cushion I love. So I was inspired to use turquoise, white, black and red.

This square canvas had been intended as a nursery project for my son, abandoned when I found something better than I could ever draw! It is nice and big, 61cm x 61cm.

I chose a testpot for the base colour (Resene Endorphin) - I love testpots because you can get amazing colours and the paint is so nice to paint with, runny but with great coverage. There was enough for two coats (and two brushes, thank you Miss 4), which easily blocked out the really dark paint underneath.

After the base was dry, we did a white layer (just in art acrylic paint), which I left to dry so that it wouldn't turn pink and grey with the next colours. My 'vision' was a messy corner/L-shape, with which my helper concurred.

I had a black testpot already and an amazing new red (Resene Rocket).  Miss chose to use the black brush, so I did the red and we finished it off. It looks even better than I was hoping for, bright and fresh, and reminds me of Japanese writing characters. After a varnish layer only one question remains, which way up?

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  1. Now thats my kind of art - love it! Personally I like it rotated to the right once. It kind of looks like flames rising then...

  2. Looks great, my neutral space is in need of some colour too!

  3. Looks fantastic. WHat a great idea.


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