Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Top 5: Jane Austen-esque Movies

The Pride and Prejudice 'Classic Smackdown' at Meet Me at Mike's has been a landslide, with almost everyone preferring the BBC mini-series starring Colin Firth to the 2005 film. The consensus is that you can not capture enough of the book in two hours.

Which got me thinking, if you only have two hours free for a Jane Austen-fix, what are some fun options that won't just leave you feeling like corners have been cut? These are my picks (that will surely have you reaching for a book afterwards too!)

#1 Bridget Jones's Diary (Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice)
One of the best romantic comedies ever. Bonus points for the definitive Mr Darcy playing Mr Darcy. Perfection.

#2 Bride and Prejudice (Inspired by: Pride and Prejudice)
Ok, it looks silly, and it is... but in the best way - colourful, fun, musical, and actually very faithful to the story. Martin Henderson may seem like an odd choice for Darcy but he does arrogant and aloof well. Bonus point for Gilmore Girl cameo (Gilmore Girls will be another post...)

#3 Clueless (Inspired by: Emma)
Relive the 90s and laugh at the fashion, slang, and some great one-liners. If you want traditional and pretty, the Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma is sweet, but this one is a clever adaptation. Bonus point for Paul Rudd who really doesn't look very different!

#4 The Jane Austen Book Club
I think I watched this as an insomniac early one morning during my second pregnancy. I cried a lot, but I enjoy a good movie-cry. The characters are pretty one-dimensional but the idea is genius - 6 people, 6 Austen books, 6 months. Their passion for Jane Austen will make you hunt out a book immediately.

#5 Becoming Jane
I haven't seen this one but it has been recommended to me as an enjoyable watch, and sounds like a good candidate for a movie-cry... young Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway) dreams of marrying for love until issues of wealth and class arise.

I have a very good friend who has a passion for 'P&P', are you a big Austen fan too?


  1. Yes I am a fan, I love "Persuasion". My Mother has the Entire collection of Georgette Heyers novels (she writes in the same era of Jane, and I have read all of them!! And I am sure that I have seen all Jane Austen's movies at lest 4 times each. cheers Marie

  2. I read Jane Austen as a Teen and just rediscovered the movies....aahh, the romance, the passion.....I love your movie list. I've seen most of them and I can see the Austen flavour makes them all very likeable.
    Must squeeze some book reading some time....
    cheers, Alex

  3. oooh i've come over from Pips - i love your post!!! I have "becoming Jane" dvd waiting for me tonight, as I've just read and watch P&P (the BBC version of course), and repeated a few scenes (the diving in the lake scene of course!)....i have a few more of your recommendations to watch that i have not seen before. I think Austen takes a bit of practice in getting used to her style, but i sense that I could soon be an Austen fan!!!

  4. I love Colin Firth, well you know as Mr Darcy.
    Elizabeth Bennett is the best strong female role I've seen, with quick-wittedness and her loyalty to her very amusing family. Vexing I know!
    Like your blog..nice work!


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