Thursday, April 21, 2011

Little Miss Lily Pad's Fifth birthday....

Blue fishpond jelly; takeaway popcorn boxes; LouLou making mermaid gingerbreads; frothy wave cupcakes.

Maddie in her costume; her Mermaid Barbie cake; making popcorn boxes.

Sunday was my first daughter Maddie's fifth birthday party, and it was chaos -but fantastic fun. In typical Lily Pad style, between the two of us we 'designed' a party made from a lot of homemade, handmade items - and had an absolute ball preparing together.

The theme was 'Under the Sea' - an idea which we stretched our imaginations a bit for, in order to make her original idea of a Barbie Mermaid party suit all our friends, boys included. Maddie hates to leave out her two best boy buddies, Tyler and Campbell, so she suggested the wider theme. We asked them if they'd like to come as pirates (they looked fantastic) - and lead the 'treasure hunt'. To make the treasure hunt, we hid gladwrap sandwich bags of small balls, packs of playing cards, gold chocolate coins, notebooks and pencils in the clam shell pit, then Maddie drew a map with "X marks the spot", and hubby traipsed the two pirates, Maddie, and all the other littlies on a wild goose chase all around the property and back to the clam shells. There they 'dug for treasure' with teaspoons til all the prizes were found.

The second game was 'pin the tail on the mermaid', which Maddie and I drew together earlier in the week, and she painted. Our decorating theme included giving each child a pair of paper 'googles' to wear under the sea (a ceiling full of blue balloons and green seaweed), a table of food sitting on top of a striped picnic rug, instead of a table cloth, bunting flags (another great excuse to use the free alphabet bunting downloads I love on ruffled) and an activity getting the kids to decorate gingerbread mermaid and starfish cookies with coloured icing and sprinkles.

Once all the welcome games and activities were over, the kids had a picnic on a blue beach towel, with 'takeaway popcorn' in boxes, 'fish 'n' chips' wrapped in takeaway packages of newspaper and wax paper, and 'goldfish bowl' blue jelly with fish lollies inside.

Instead of a loot bag, each child took home their googles, a balloon, and their own gingerbread cookies.

I have to admit I went all out for this party and made a mermaid outfit for Maddie, as well as a 'guppie' outfit (skirt and tail) for my little one year old. They looked so cute!

I also spent a lot of time thinking about her cake, which I made the night before, and kept a big secret. She was quite overwhelmed/excited/blown away and unfortunately cried when it was time to blow out the candles! Oops - too much for one small child!

It's quite wierd now, with the big party over, and the waiting game of two weeks of school holidays before she's off to school for her first day. Lots of time to write names on clothing and stationary, but also a big build up! I hope it goes well.

Love you HEAPs Maddie Moo, and I'm so proud of you



  1. It was an amazing party - I am still hearing about "Captain Maddie'sDad", "making the cookies" and "pin the tail on the donkey... no, the mermaid!". Happy birthday big school girl :)

  2. Happy birthday Maddie!
    Looks like you guys had a wonderful day, and i love the cake!!

    (we've just had a 5th birthday too!)
    Hope the first day of school goes well.xx

  3. that cake is so amazingly awesome, how did you do the wave icing if you don't mind me asking?

  4. Well, I hate to say it, but the 'waves' with the white was a happy accident. When I was mixing the blue into the icing sugar icing, there was so much of it that I kept getting white streaks I couldn't get rid of. Then I realised they looked like the white tops of surf - and went with it! Using a spatula I kind of plonked icing on and then curved it starting at the outer edge and working towards the middle of the cake. A very happy accident! xx

  5. Om my goodness Jennie it's you! Welcome! So pleased to hear from you!!! Congratulations to your - I think - little miss g??? Hope all is well with you xxx

  6. Fantastic ideas Aimee, well done, love ir xx


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