Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Wedding - 4 sleeps to go... (via

I know not everyone is as excited as I am, but there is no escaping the Royal Wedding this week.

If you are interested, some of the better articles I have read lately are this one about Diana's influence on William, and this one in the New Zealand Herald recalling William's first trip to NZ, as a 10-month old.

Diana had broken with tradition by not leaving him at home during a Royal Tour, and so a nursery was set up at their New Zealand base, Government House in Auckland.

A photocall at Government House resulted in the famous pics of William crawling and playing with a Buzzy Bee, but I would have loved to see the handmade touches in the nursery inside:

"Lady Beattie, skilled at sewing, took me through the newly refurbished suite of rooms shortly before the royal couple arrived. She and other women had put in hundreds of hours sewing baby quilts, a "William's Book" of cloth animals and a ribbon-edged mosquito net decorated with hand-sewn miniature horses. It was a choice between that or corgis, Lady Beattie said.
Propped in William's sunny nursery - twice the size of his nanny's room next door - was a rabbit dressed in an All Blacks jersey and the Buzzy Bee, once pulled along by the Beatties' son Simon. And there was another handme- down, Simon's blue English pram which Lady Beattie restored after Doris, the family's Airedale terrier, had wrestled with the fringed canopy. Whether the highly active, crawling baby prince ever sat in this pram is doubtful." (Jane Phare, NZH, 24/4/11)

My sister and I are having a sleepover on Friday, some friends are doing High Tea at an Auckland hotel - are you doing anything special?


  1. I am having a high tea for tea with my mother and a friend and probably my MIL. The only difference will be that there won't be tea in the tea cups we use! My mother has warned me that I may not be able to speak.... silence is golden when it comes to Royal events as far as she is concerned!

  2. 30 years ago I woke in the middle of the night to nurse my daughter and watch the Royal Wedding. Now 30 years later that same daughter will be nursing her first...a sweet baby boy. Friday we are all gathering to celebrate the wedding. From the oldest ( my Mom is 88) to our 10 week old baby. I can hardly wait!!!!


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