Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easy Treat: Eton Mess

Dessert on Friday night was a tribute to Eton old boys William and Harry.

1. Meringues 
They don't need to be pretty, so the kids can help. I was out of cornflour so just used 3 egg whites beaten stiff, then 3/4 cup of caster sugar added gradually + a splash of vanilla essence (12 palm-sized meringues cooked 1 hour @ 120 degrees C, then cooled in oven). Or just buy some!

2. Fruit
Strawberries are traditional, but any fruit or sauce will do. I had some frozen mixed berries so cooked them up with a tablespoon of sugar, strained them a bit to get a thick lumpy sauce, and left to cool. Tinned boysenberries would be good too - one day I will try rhubarb ( a la Sophie Dahl)

3. Whipped Cream

4. Mess!
Cover a whole meringue with cream, broken meringues and sauce. The messier the better (this pic is a bit tidy really, but didn't stay that way...)

p.s. added bonus of being gluten-free for those who need it   :)

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  1. Oh yummo. My brothers went to Sydney Grammar & their old headmaster took a job at Eton (before his retirement) & one brother visited him there. Now that is one school steeped in amazing tradition & ceremony. Thanks for this wonderful recipe post inspiration. Love Posie


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