Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Handmade Heaven: To Mum, with love xx

Most years, the best presents from your children on Mother’s Day are made by them, such as a picture they have drawn, or a card they have made. But every now and then it’s also special to receive (or organise for the grandmothers, from their grandchildren) a special present that commemorates motherhood.


This year I’m loving these gorgeous “Brag About It” silver ‘children’ necklaces that feature your children’s names and sometimes even their birthstones – handmade on Etsy and ordered in from the US, they arrive swiftly and are so sweet. Greta also wrote recently on this blog about little silver ‘posey’ rings, traditionally for bridesmaids, that you can order with the same stamped look of name impressions - this time on the inside.

If you’re keen to support a local Kiwi crafter, check out these gorgeous ‘Mum’s the word’ pendants from Cloud Nine – one of mine and Baby Bites’ favourite crafters. I also really love the funky pairs of navy drop earrings with ‘kiss’ marks on them.

Greta also found a‘Family Tree/Whakapapa Rakau’ bracelet or necklace, with charms made from leaves with all your family’s names engraved, by New Zealand crafter etc on Felt.

How about a gorgeous wee 'jewellery tree' from Foxes to hang all these trinkets on too?


It's also good therapy to poke fun at yourself sometimes too. So my other type of favourite Mother's Day gift ideas do just that.

I've bought my mother-in-law (or in text speak, MIL) a Dear Colleen 'lemons' print. MIL and I can gossip away many a Sunday afternoon doing exactly what it says to do! The wonderful Dear Colleen also slipped in another one for me: this really is the best Mother's Day ever, thanks Colleen :) It's now hanging proudly in my kitchen in an oversized large white frame.

My final ‘wish list’ idea this year may not technically be handmade – but the idea is that you and your children choose and “build them” together. All the rage in Australia when I was there last month, these “family” stickers are bought individually, each in different poses or outfits. You buy a replica of each person in your household (dogs or cats included!) and adorn your car’s back window. Which Mum are you? The sporty one? The working one? The knitter? Go on, laughter is good medicine after a long day!


As a Mother one of the coolest things I think you can do is pass on skills and creative crafting traditions. So if your children are into crafting (and you’re into free printables) – show them how to download some of these free Mother’s Day cards too – here and this one here via L’il Magoolie.

I have already downloaded this wicked one from Fantail Digital Art, a fellow NZ crafter - I have a thing about birds and especially owls right now.

So go on - get that printer going: then act surprised when you open them on Sunday!

Enjoy this weekend and remember to sit back and celebrate your wonderful family.

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  1. what lovely ideas, my friend has 2 of the silver children necklaces- they are gorgeous :)


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