Friday, May 6, 2011

Loving... pretty houses

I have seen lots of pretty houses on the interweb this week - somehow looking at amazing houses isn't frustrating like looking at the local ones just out of our reach!

We write about Amy Butler a lot because we love her fabrics - Apartment Therapy has a tour of her house and it is so beautiful. 

Lovely blogger Retromummy is considering a move from Sydney to the country, and her weekend open home adventures (with four children!) have produced some gorgeous photos.

Have you seen Sophie Dahl's cooking show? This is the London house where it was filmed, clean and white so you can imagine what you would do with it... on the show it was filled with vintage china, candles, bunting and snuggly furnishings... (via Meet Me at Mike's)

And finally, my favourite new website, Unhappy Hipsters. 'Mid-century modern' decors with dream furniture - and tongue-in-cheek captions (like this one). I even spotted Karen Walker's house...

'Things I'm Loving' - Fridays at Paisley Jade's     :)

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