Saturday, May 7, 2011

Totally Tinch-ified

I've got a serious crush. On all things Tinch Design Studio. And it's official, my house is now totally Tinch-ified. Seriously, there's not many more places I could put Helen's gorgeous creations. They now adorn:

- the baby's bedroom door

- the fridge

- the magnetic noteboard at the back of my craft cupboard

- my bedroom wall.

Neat aye? The re-stickable photo frames are my latest purchase, and Helen still has a 10% preorder discount running, hop on over.

I wonder if my house could do with just a tinch more? The "quote marks" could be cool too...


  1. lol, i have a set of tinch owls a branch and leaves. and i love them!! i want the big rainbow next!

  2. Oh yes, they're lovely!! Have a gorgeous week, love Posie


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