Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Apps for Kids

I wasn't sure what people used iPads for until we were given one (a very generous birthday gift for my husband), but I can't believe how much we use it. And of course the kids are all over it, but I have found it hard to figure out in the app store what games would be suitable for Miss 4. 

This week I discovered Toca Boca (via Li'l Magoolie and Meet Me at Mike's) and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for - cute, fun, a teensy bit educational, and completely intuitive for little hands, no instructions needed. Toca Boca have a range of games and the favourite in our house so far is the Toca Doctor puzzles (pictured above), but by far the cutest is the tea party - choose the tablecloth, plates, drinks and cakes for your tea party, lie the iPad flat then sit special toys around the place settings! So clever.

Toca Boca Tea Party

A friend of ours has launched another great game, Little Fingers Nursery Rhymes, which records voices so children can read a story and choose who will be reading it to them. Of course my daughter thinks recording and listening to her own voice is hilarious.

Little Fingers Nursery Rhymes

The other app that has been a hit so far is Park Math, a supercute puzzle game.

Park Math

Note: this is not a sponsored post, I am just an iPad convert! I would love an iPhone too (mainly because I am lazy and the thought of having an iPod/phone/camera/video camera all in one appeals!) but I don't think Mr Toddler and I can be trusted with one yet, I do like being able to throw my ageing phone in my handbag, and it surviving toddler-drops...

Do you have any iPad or iPhone apps you would recommend? I would really like some old-fashioned fairytale picturebooks but have only found ugly ones so far. I didn't know if I would enjoy reading a grownup book on the iPad but it has so many great features - you can change the brightness of the page, the size of the type, leave lots of bookmarks... and the best thing is downloading a book is so quick and easy - did you know Amazon now sells more digital books than hardbacks and paperbacks put together?


  1. i don't have an ipad or iphone but i know there is a Hairy MacLary app with the story and i think a few activities too :) would love one but i think i spend too much time on the computer as it is!!! my 4 year old loves playing with my sisters iphone, even my 2 year old seems to be able to use it!

  2. Hi
    I don't have an ipad either :(
    I was just reading about your Shortcake purchases, I am also a tad obsessed with those cute dolls and finding them on ebay! I blogged about it a while ago, it's surprising how many people love them, I think they bring back happy memories!

  3. Really glad that you like Toca Boca. Thanks for helping us to spread the word! :)

  4. ***Warning*** Kids apps can be addictive!

    A good round-up here


  5. I also have a suggestion for parents, who have kids of 5-10 years old. It is an educational iPhone app as Kinder Hangman that is an interesting iPhone game and very useful for development of kids. It allows children to learn new words easily, effectively and quickly. Learning process is organized as an interesting game with graphical themes and animations. It is a good game that kids usually like very much. So, parents can use it to keep kids busy.

  6. Hey this post is relevant now I have an iPad! We love toca boca too after your email last wk. maybe time for another post on same subject? Bec


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