Tuesday, June 28, 2011


This was going to be a post about pinterest.com, but really it is about cake.

I resisted Pinterest for a while because (a) it is hard enough keeping up with Facebook and Blogger, (b) I didn't really get it, and (c) you have to 'request an invite'. Clearly I was not cool enough to just start pinning.

But a few weeks ago I thought maybe it would be useful for keeping track of tutorials I want to try, gifts I might buy, recipes that look yummy. You set up as many 'boards' as you like, 'pin' images to them as you surf the interweb, and then it saves the links for you.

I wasn't so interested in the social networking part, it is a bit weird people knowing what I might make or buy before I do it (but I am here if you think you might like what I like!)

However it is great for searching for things, a bit like google images without all the ugly crap. That's the best thing about pinterest, things are only there if someone has liked them in the first place, so they are usually pretty.

And if you see something you love, you may want to follow the board it was pinned on, because clearly that person has great taste. I am following Adventures in Dessert. Enough said.


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